With full audio control over four channels, an effects section at the touch of a button and professional inputs and outputs, the NS4FX unleashes the full creative mixing potential of event, club and live streaming DJs.

Artful mixing

Creativity and personal expression define how successful a DJ's career can be, and with the extensive features of the NS4FX the sky's the limit! With full audio control over 4 independent channels, DJs mix tracks, samples, loops and more with up to 4 DJ software decks simultaneously. The four channels of the NSFX each feature dedicated premium volume faders, 3-band EQ with full kill, and large high-pass/low-pass filter knobs. Front panel Crossfader Assign switches allow each channel to be assigned to the A or B side of the crossfader, or can be set to bypass the crossfader. This ultimate flexibility is perfect for creating an artful mix in the live stream, creating exciting build-ups in the club, or preparing multiple songs in advance for events. The high-quality, touch-sensitive jog wheels have been expertly calibrated for precise mixing and scratching.

A dynamic LED display is located in the center of each wheel, showing the track position, BPM, pitch range and duration. The "Layer" button on each deck allows each side to quickly switch between controlling multiple decks, making it easy to layer and mix up to 4 tracks. A dedicated loop section with multipliers on each deck allows quick access and instant control over seamless loops to augment a mix or create custom transitions. For added flair and creativity, the interactive effects section features 6 quick-access software effects that can be triggered with the stable and fun toggle switches. The effects section also offers full hardware control over the wet/dry mix and beat division to help DJs create artistic and expressive performances. 

Professional Sound

The NS4FX features an impressive array of connectivity options, making it the perfect solution for mobile and event DJs, as well as club jocks and live streaming mixmasters. The balanced XLR main outputs deliver high-quality 24-bit audio so event guests can always enjoy an incredibly immersive dancefloor experience. The additional RCA booth output with dedicated control is perfect for sending audio to a dedicated monitor speaker, or to an additional zone or area of a larger sound system. 

For events or performances that require more than one mic for MCing or addressing, the NS4FX offers two independent 1/4" mic inputs with dedicated volume and tone controls. The Mic 1 input can easily be switched to an Aux option to play audio from a smartphone or external media source through the RCA inputs on the back of the controller. Live streamers will appreciate that when outputting via USB, the microphone audio is combined with the main music mix - allowing them to stream online via a smartphone or computer without the need for an additional sound card or other audio accessory. 

Ready for Serato DJ Pro

The Numark NS4FX comes with Serato DJ Lite software, allowing DJs to start mixing over 2 channels right away. Because the NS4FX is fully assigned and ready for Serato DJ Pro, DJs can upgrade to a full 4-channel mixing experience at any time! The NS4FX is also compatible with other leading software such as Virtual DJ and Algorridim djay Pro AI.


• 4-channel DJ controller with dedicated volume faders

• Large filter knobs on each channel

• 6-inch touch capacitive jog wheels with multicolor display

• Layer buttons on each hardware deck to control up to 4 software decks

• Effects section with 6 selection buttons, parameter controls and 2 toggle switches

• Dedicated loop section with multiplier controls

• Crossfader assign switch on each channel

• 8 performance pads on each deck with pad mode selection buttons

• Long pitch faders with pitch bend buttons

• Dedicated buttons for sync, cue/stop and play/pause

• 3-band EQ on each deck with full kill

• Merged audio from mic and main out via USB for live streaming

• High quality 24-bit audio

• Balanced XLR main output

• RCA Booth-Output

• Front 1/4" microphone input with volume and tone controls

• Additional rear 1/4" microphone input with controls (switchable to Aux with RCA inputs)

• 6.3mm and 3.5mm headphone outputs

• Ready to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro