One of our strengths is also the equipment of whole orchestras with instruments, technology and everything you need.
Just come to us, tell us your idea, we think together with you about individual solutions. The design and installation of public address systems in churches and municipalities, theaters, restaurants and other public institutions is also one of our main areas of application. Since some of us are very active in the Christian sphere, we can understand very specific questions and problems and solve them better.

Here is an excerpt from our reference list:

Evangelical-Methodist Churches: Chemnitz, Aue/Neudörfel, Bockau, Affalter

Evangelical Lutheran Churches: Hartenstein, Mülsen, Pockau, Mohlsdorf, Mulda, Zwenkau, Netschkau, Fraureuth, Grosshartmannsdorf, Chemnitz-Luthergemeinde, Crimmitzschau, Dresden-Johanneskirche, St.Niclas, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Stadtkirche Meerane, Adventgemeinde in Chemnitz

Evangelical-freed communities: Chemnitz, Hammerbrücke, Kirchberg, Dresden, Thierfeld, Herold, Lichtenstein, Morgenröthe, Eisenach, Ölsnitz, Sagar, Sehma

Youth and community centers: Christuscentrum Elmshorn, GCL-Lichtenstein, Jugendcentrum Rosenheim, "Energie" Bad-Düben

Church communities: Auerswalde, Crimmitschau, Meinersdorf

We have so far equipped more than 100 churches and municipalities with fixed installations ... this is only a short section. In addition, various public facilities have been installed by us such as the courtroom in Marienberg, various discos and restaurants like the "Sky Lounge" in Zwickau and the 4-star "Romantikhotel Jagdhaus Waldydill" etc ...

For questions, please contact, or Tel. 037605/687-35 Mr. Markstein