Our trained staff offers you repairs and maintenance on your instruments and technical equipment.
Our service team is at your disposal in the following departments:

Brass Instruments
General overhauls, playmaking and setting work, varnishing, bulletings, special events for clubs, orchestras and wind class. (Extensive repairs are given to our partners.)
Tel. 037605/ 687 -25 Email: blaeser@markstein.de

Guitars & Bass
Repairs, adjustments, stringing, sound pick-up / replacement, electronic repairs, tube replacement. (Change of the frets as well as varnishing work we place in the hands of qualified instrument builders. )
Tel. 037605/ 687 -19 Email: gitarre@markstein.de

Keyboards & Pianos
General overhauls / repairs to keyboards and digital pianos of all brands, installation of software
Tel. 037605/ 687 -37 Email: tasten@markstein.de

PA & Lighting
General overhauls / repairs on consoles, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, CD players, light effects etc. (assembly of cables according to customer requirements)
Tel. 037605/ 687 -19 Email: pa@markstein.de

Drums & Percussion 
Drum head changes, adjustmenst or small repairs for snares, toms and drums of all kinds.
Tel. 037605/ 687 -26 Email: drums@markstein.de